10 Reasons Why is Big Data Analytics the Best Career Move


Learning and mastering Big Data and Hadoop is synonymous with creating careers and winning accolades for it or being left behind. Big Data has now become omnipresent and the need of the hour is to collect and preserve every data that is available as the fear of losing out on those opportunities would loom large. That is way Big Data is in the frontiers of the IT revolution. Big Data Analytics have become incredibly crucial as it assists in improving business, decision making process as well as creating a better edge for the companies over their competitors. This is both relevant to both organizations as well as professionals in the Analytics domain for there lies an ocean of opportunities for them to fathom and explore.


Now, if you STILL are not certain enough about making a career choice out of Big Data, then here are a few more reasons to elucidate WHY it should be YOUR chosen path:

  1. A Soaring Demand for Analytics Professionals- Data gets useless unless we have skilled professionals to analyze it. With the voluminous increase in data the need of the hour is to is to have skilled professionals who could analyze as well as organize this huge chunks of data which is why there is an ever increasing demand from companies to employ skilled Data Analytics professionals. This is precisely the reason why companies are investing humongous amounts of both their time as well as money on training as well as acquiring Data Analytics professionals. As for professional opportunities, the journey has only just begun. This rather obvious surge in employment opportunities is due to the fact that there has since been an increased number organizations that are implementing Analytics and so in need of skilled Analytics professionals.big data analytics


  1. Bridging the Opportunities and the Skill Gap Chasm- with an ever increasing demand for skilled Analytics professionals taking a steep upward graph continuously, there now exists a deep demand and supply deficit in the professional job market which has now become a global phenomena simply due to the fact that there are not enough skilled professionals to cater to the organizational demands. With companies now outsourcing their work, the demand is now going to increase alarmingly.
  1. Pay and Perks- with the rather HUGE demand for skilled Data Analytics professionals, companies across the globe are now competing in a virtual ‘Money Marathon’ to acquire the best of skilled and talented professionals and this demand is ONLY on the upsurge. The IAPA’s membership in Australia that has grown to 5,000 members since its inception in 2006 has only reflected upon the need for skilled Analytics professionals.
  1. Big Data Analytics- Top Priority in Top Notch Companies- Based on a research survey conducted by a Data Analytics survey, it was understood that analytics would ensure better business insights, would explore greater Sales and Marketing avenues, as well as expand companies Social Media Marketing opportunities. It was appreciated by this survey conducted by QuinStreet that Big Data is the need of the hour and the need of skilled Data Analytics professionals is only going to sky rocket in the near future.
  1. An Increasing Need of Big Data Analytics- with the need for Big Data Analytics proving to be growing exponentially, organizations that have responded to the Big Data Analytics study have reported that they already have a strategy in place to deal with Big Data Analytics, not to mention the others who are in the in the process of doing so .Now, when we speak of Big Data Analytics tools, the most popular choice would be the adoption of Apache Hadoop. With a vast array of choices of both commercial as well as open source frameworks to choose out of, companies are now making the appropriate choices based on their requirements.
  1. Big Data Analytics- The Primary Reason in Decision Making- it does go without saying that Analytics is the focal point of competitive resource for many companies and would only steeply increase in the next three years as there still exists a huge amount of data that still needs to be used and what has been done yet is only rudimentary. All said and done, Analytics DOES play a crucial role in galvanizing business strategies as well as in making important business decisions.
  1. Big Data Analytics Now Used Everywhere- it is now an accepted fact that there DOES exist a huge demand for Data Analytics simply due to its fantastic features. The other reason could also be due to the vast spectrum across which Analytics is used. The image below depicts the professional opportunities spanning multiple domains:
  1. Plethora of Career Options- in terms of career choices, there exists an ocean of opportunities to choose out of:
  1. Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  2. Big Data Analytics Architect
  3. Big Data Engineer
  4. Big Data Engineer
  5. Big Data Solution Architect
  6. Big Data Analyst
  7. Analytics Associate
  8. Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  9. Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • The Other Options- there are opportunities galore to choose from with Big Data Analytics and professionals could get to opt out of any 3 types of Data Analytics based on their Big Data environment:
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Organizations Employing Big Data Professionals- a vast array of companies including IBM, Pentaho, Tibco, Teradata, ITrend, Platfora,  Karmasphere, Oracle, Opera, Datameer,  Centrofuge, FICO, Domo, Quid, Jasper, Saffron, GoodData,  Bluefin Labs Tracx,  Panaroma Software are vying to get the best of skilled, talented and trained professionals luring them with fantastic pay and perk.


Analytics no matter how advanced does not negate the need for human insights at all times. Having said that, there is no dearth for skilled professionals with the ability to understand and appreciate data from a business perspective and in turn come up with novel insights. It is precisely for THIS reason that technology professionals with Analytics skills are finding themselves in an incredible demand as now businesses are looking to exploit as well as explore newer frontiers of Big Data.