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Learn Blockchain Online Training

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a digital ledger where transactions occur in bitcoin or in another cryptocurrency where these blocks are recorded in a chronicle order. It is a leading software platform for digital assets. It offers a large production of Blockchain in the world. The main goal of Blockchain is to create a perfect financial system. The Blockchain online training from BigClasses will help you master ledger and hyper ledger, bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency, blockchain data structures, and more.

What is the Importance of Blockchain?

The blockchain is a growing importance in the financial service industry. It has enormous possibilities with the transaction in numerous industries. It is a decentralized ledger for all transactions across networks. You can use this technology to confirm the transactions without any external authorization. The potential application included fund transfers, settling trades, voting and more such uses.

Blockchain has a digital currency that is used by various industries like the E-commerce, global payment, remittance, P2P lending, micro-finance, and etc. It is known to keep records for healthcare, title records, ownership, voting, intellectual property. Blockchain is also provided to equity, private markets, debt, crowdfunding, and derivatives. And lastly, it provides smart contracts for digital rights, wagers, and escrow.

It has benefits such as it will increase the transparency, it tracks accurately, the ledger is permanent, and it will cost reduction. Consumers can use Blockchain to manage their financial ownership in autonomous cars. It can save millions of dollars in transaction cost while improving transparency. You can easily get the reports on digital votes with verified results. People can get patient’s health information without any blockchain security and privacy breach.

About Biglasses Blockchain Training

The Blockchain course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about digital currency and its uses in the financial market. You can learn this course online in the presence of qualified trainers and become a professional Blockchain Developer. This course will train students to analyze the BlockChain technology and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can master the structure, mechanism, advantages of Blockchain, design a network, and also deploying them in the blockchain applications. This training will help you become a Blockchain developer that can manage the digital currency and transaction of the company.

Resources and Support

Students will have free access to the course materials. The course materials are up to date and revised constantly. You can learn the course by online training and self-paced learning. You can access the course materials for 365 days only.

Requirements for the Blockchain Training

Blockchain Training Course can be taken by any graduates interested in learning digital currency infrastructure and blockchain technology.

Training Objectives:

Blockchain Training Course by Big Classes will train you to become expert in the following subjects:-

  1. Introduction and an overview of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.
  2. Master Bitcoin Network.
  3. Understand Bitcoin Mining.
  4. Explore transactions with Blockchain.
  5. Use Cryptocurrency hash codes.
  6. Learn Blockchain types.
  7. Explore Bitcoin Structure.
  8. Understand Bitcoin cloud mining.
  9. Understand the use of Ethereum network.
  10. Use different stages of contract deployment.

Who Can Learn?

Blockchain Online Course is designed for anyone looking forward to working in a financial field as a Blockchain Developer. Any graduate who wants to upgrade their career can take this course.

BlockChain Course Curriculum

Duration: 45 Hours

  • Ethereum Decentralized Applications.
  • Ethers, Gas & EVM.
  • Ethereum Networks.
  • Hashing Functions, Proof of work, proof of stake.
  • Wallet installation,working,mining & send transactions.
  • Ethereum Wallet: Mining and sending Ethers.
  • Ether Faucets: Getting Free Test Ethers.
  • Externally Owned accounts and contract accounts.
  • Managing contracts with Wallet.
  • Meta mask.

  • Ethereum networks & clients.
  • Geth-the Ethereum go client.
  • Geth CLI-setting up the client for Testnet.
  • Geth CLI-Setting up the Private Dev Network.
  • Geth CLI –setting up the IPC/JSON/WS-RPC.
  • Ethereum Client-Javascript Cobsole.
  • Geth CLI.

  • Javascript Dapp & Management API overview.
  • Javascript API-admin.
  • Javascript API -personal.
  • Javascript API -miner.
  • Javascript API Nonces,txpool.
  • Javascript API-debug.

  • Web3 Javascript API

  • Web3 JS overview

  • Setip the dapp development environment

  • Setup Web3 and connecting to node.
  • Web3 Version & node status API.
  • Account list and balances API.
  • Account unlocking and send transaction API.
  • Solidity code compilation using SOLC and Web3 API.
  • Contract invocation.
  • Contract deployment to network.
  • Events and Logs.
  • Filter, Watch & Logs API.
  • Watch and Get with contract API.

  • Solidity contract layout.
  • Basic datatype and conversations.
  • Data location(Keywords : memory, storage).
  • Arrays.
  • Special Arrays.
  • Introduction to functions.
  • Globals variables & functions,exception and crypto.
  • Mappings, enumerations and structs.
  • Object orientation.
  • Variable and function visibility.
  • Constrants, Fallback functions & payable.
  • Function modifiers.
  • Events.

Trainer Information

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Frequently asked questions

Demo Classes will be provided to any interested candidates. Register for demo classes by contacting our team. The demo classes will give you an insight on the course, and all its subjects.
Yes, you can take retake the sessions with live training or even by accessing the recorded sessions.
Yes, you will have the access to the digital library that includes 500+ Interview QUESTIONS AND Answers along with 70+ resume samples, and free E-books. The training will build you for cracking the interview questions and land a perfect job as a Blockchain Developer. Currently, we don’t have direct placement support.
The trainers are certified with an excellent amount of experience in teaching and at the corporate level.

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