Big Data and Hadoop Training

Big Data Hadoop Training

Apache Hadoop is a software framework that has the feature of an open source. It is used for distributed storage and processing of large bulk of data set on clusters of thecomputer that is built from commodity hardware.

The modules of the Hadoop are designed by keeping in mind the fact that hardware failures are quite common in the computer networks and that is why the program will be able to handle such discrepancies automatically.

The program is divided into two parts, one is the processing part also called as MapReduce and other is the Storage system that is known as Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS.

One thing that is unique about Hadoop is that the files are spilled into large blocks and is distribute them across the nodes in form for a cluster.

With us at the BigClasses, you will be able to master the management of large data through Big Data and Hadoop Training. Your skills and knowledge will be enhanced through our coursesthat will help you become a successful developer in this programming arena. Through our concepts, you will be able to cover the core concepts along with learning the techniques in the corein various industries.

Overview Of The Course Objectives:

Software and Analytics professionals that are aspiring to learn the basics and advanced stages of the Big Data Analytics will be able to get benefits from our Hadoop Training with following points like:

  • Mastering the concept of MapReduce and HDFS framework and also understanding the Hadoop 2.x Architecture.
  • Our courses will comprise of the methods so that you can set up Hadoop Cluster and be able to write about the Complex MapReduce programs.
  • With us, you will be able to perform the data analytics using Pig, YARN, and Hive. There will also be specific courses on MapReduce Integration and learn to implement HBase.
  • The program will teach you to schedule jobs using Oozie. There are chances for you to implement the best practices for the development of the Hadoop.
  • At the end of the courses, you will be able to work on real life projects and Hands on Big Data Analytics.

Trends Of The Hadoop Program:

As many organizations are looking up to Hadoop as their next big platform, there are certain trends that are seen in the BigClasses Hadoop Training also.

  • The upcoming trends that are influencing online courses of the Hadoop are that now, large data sets are managed on the basis of cloud technology. There is a recent shift in the trend and that is making the training program include the latest technologies to make the aspirants capable.
  • The courses are helping the students to evolve with MapReduce that turning Hadoop into a general purpose data operating system. By taking the up the courses you will be able to understand the factor.

Market Analysis On The Training Programs:

The current buzz about Big Data in the market is quite huge. And that is why IT professionals and data analysts are taking up BigClasses Big Data and Hadoop Training so that it can get hold of opportunities from companies all around the world that are desperately in need of professionals having skill in Big Data like that of Hadoop.

Experts of the market are emphasizing on the fact that though Hadoop is now in its fledgling state but will soon take over the market and with that, the popularity of professionals that are opting for the courses will be reaping the profits.

Thus, leveraging the Big Data can be of great use to you in the future without any doubt as per the market research on the trends of the online programs.

Job Benefits And Opportunities :

With the help of our BigClasses Hadoop Training and certification courses, you will be able to get jobs in reputed companies in the market as a system administrator and programming developers. You will be able to manage large data with the help of this online course. You will gain expertise on the subject and can get ample job opportunities as Hadoop Administration, Hadoop Analytics, and Mainframe professionals.

Jobs that need expertise in managing complete data-based operations and analytics, professionals that have completed the courses will get ajob as data based operators and data managers as well. The online courses are also helpful for those that are seeking to elevate the skill sets and enhances their resume are also welcome to take up our courses.

Highlights Of The Online Course:

Our Hadoop Training is an example of how online tutorials are supposed to be with an interactive environment. Here the students will be able to carry out practical work as well. And at the end of your course, our training program will offer you with

  • Projects where you will use the HIVE, PIG, HBase and Big Data Analytics to complete the projects.
  • There will be project and case studies on social bookmarking sites so that you are able to find the insights.
  • As it is used in a majority of industries so you will be able to analyze the complaints in the industry of retail.

Key Points Of The Training Program:

Hadoop Training in BigClasses provides Six part curriculum that includes

  1. Introduction to Big Data,
  2. Hadoop In-depth,
  3. Detailed Hadoop Ecosystem,
  4. Hadoop Integration and real world scenarios,
  5. Hadoop 2.0 and
  6. Hadoop Administration.

The course will be of one-month duration.

Our Training replenishes one with certification eligible subject.

You’ll be provided with expert guidance for resume preparation and also while attending interviews.

Prerequisites Of The Program:

In case you want to know about the prerequisites of the Big Data and Hadoop Training then there’s not particular pre-requisite required.

Even if you’ve basic idea on Java and Linux that would ease your training.

If you’ve no idea  of what Java and Linux are, you need not worry as you  can get to know what it’s all about, parallelly, while getting trained for Hadoop Training.

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