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  • Our trainers possess 7 years of total IT experience
  • 5+ years in SQL DBA
  • Our trainers are MCTS microsoft certified technology specialist 2008
  • ITIL information technology infrastructure library certified professional
  • Handled 40 online batches since 2 years.

Course Outlines

  • SQLServer DBA Online Training
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  • SQL Server and Relational Databases History
  • SQL Server Installation
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • SQL Server Data Store Management
  • Managing Data with DTS Utility
  • SQL Server Security Management
  • SQL Server Backup and Recovery
  • SQL Server Database Replication
  • SQL Server Job Scheduling
  • Ratio Analysis
  • SQL Server DBA performance Tuning

Course Info

  • SQLServer DBA Online Training
Microsoft SQL Server is software system that meanly permits you to make SQL servers and build and host many strong and stable databases on those servers. SQL Server will accommodate each tiny and enormous databases starting from simply a few users accessing them to many users utilizing an application.

Microsoft SQL Server DBA is essentially liable for overseeing all aspects of database administration including: watching performance, documenting procedures and standards, tuning, design, and supporting new business processes. All in all, the task of a database administrator is to safe guard the data.

SQL Server DBA Training makes you understand Designing and implementing highly available production systems and Assisting in the definition and implementation of database standards.

Sql Server dba online training developing and maintaining existing databases based on standard specifications, Installing and maintaining all database software.

Here we teach you on MS Sql Server 2005 DBA training and MS Sql Server 2008 DBA training. An overview of MS sql server 2012 DBA is also given.

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