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  • Trainer Information
  • 14 Years of Career experience on Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing and Health Care Domains
  • 9 Years of Online and Corporate training Experience
  • SAP HANA and SAP BODS Certified Consultant
  • Core topics of SAP HANA online course:
  • SAP HANA Life cycle Manager
  • SAP HANA Security
  • New Features in Back and Recovery
  • Unified Data Provisioning
  • Data Flow Modeling
  • Reporting on Hana
  • Core Data Services

Course Outlines

SAP HANA Online Course Curriculum

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  • SAP HANA Introduction
  • SAP HANA In-Memory sizing Look & Feel
  • Architecture
  • Data Provision and Replication
  • Modeling
  • Reporting
  • User Management

Course Info

SAP HANA Course Information

SAP HANA or High Performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory computing combines with a revolutionary platform to perform real time analytics and deploying and developing real time applications. It is also combined with pre tuned server, networking hardware and storage.

HANA includes In-Memory Database to store the data and analyze larger volumes of transactional data in real time, an embedded web server and a control repository for application development. Some of the real time cases and uses of SAP HANA include

  • Telecom Networks Monitoring and Optimization
  • Fraud Detection and Security
  • Forecast and Profitability Reports
  • Retail and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Energy Usage Monitoring and Optimization

Pre-Requisites to Learn SAP HANA:

A basic knowledge and understanding of database

Fair perceptive on IT environment

SAP HANA Job Trends

SAP HANA India Job Trends


SAP HANA Resources

  • FAQs: 200+
  • Support Certification Materials: 26
  • Reference Books: 10
  • Reference Materials: 18
Resume Samples
  • USA: 45
  • India: 26
  • Other Countries: 04

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