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About Trainer

  • Trainer Information
  • 7 years of experience in handling multiple Projects.
  • 2 + years of online teaching experience for national and international trainees.
  • Delivered Training for both institutions as well as corporate levels.
  • High Domain knowledge on Performance tuning, Modeling, ECC extraction, Transports, Production support issues, Version comparisons (3.x, 7 and 7.3).
  • Key concepts of Training:
  • Hybrid provider
  • New monitors in BW Administration cockpit
  • Generic delta functionalities for further types of Data Sources
  • Hierarchies
  • Data Transfer Process (DTP)
  • Open Hub Service
  • Transformation

Course Outlines

SAP BW Course Curriculum

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SAP Introduction-2 Hours

  • History of SAP
  • Evolution of ERP
  • ERP Packages
  • SAP R/3 System – ERP Backbone
  • SAP R/3 Modules – SD, MM, FI
  • Types of other ERP Packages in Market
  • Advantages of SAP ERP Compared to other ERP Packages
  • SAP R/3 (or) ECC Reporting
  • Limitations of SAP R/3 (or) ECC Reporting.
SAP Case Study SAP Data warehousing-2 Hours
  • Introduction to Data warehousing
  • Father of Data warehouse
  • Definition of Data Warehousing
  • Key functions of Data Warehousing
  • Applications & Types of SAP
  • Types of Applications ( OLTP & OLAP)
  • OLTP vs. OLAP
  • Types of Data in SAP
  • Entity Relationship Modeling & Multi Dimensional Modeling
  • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
SAP BW/BI Introduction:-2 Hours
  • Introduction to SAP BW/BI
  • History of SAP BW/BI
  • Necessity of SAP BW/BI
SAP BW/BI Architecture: 1 Hour
  • Source System & Target System
  • Source system connections
  • Data Modeling, Extraction & Loading
  • Data Reporting
SAP BW Data Modeling: 12 Hours
  • Data Warehousing Workbench
  • Info Objects & Types of Info Objects
  • Info Area
  • Info Object Catalog
  • Application Component
  • Activation of Business Content
  • Master data & Transaction data
  • Data Source, Info Source
  • Data transfer methods for SAP Systems(PSA and IDOC)
  • Info cube
  • Info Set
  • Info Provider
  • Multi Provider
  • Transformation
  • Routines
  • DTP
  • Info Package
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Transfer Rules
  • Update Rules
  • Authorizations
  • Roles
SAP BW Data Extraction: 5 Hours
  • Application Specific Extractors( BW Content Extractors & Customer Generated Extractors)
  • Cross Application Specific Extractors ( Generic Extractors)
  • LIS Extraction
  • LO Extraction
  • COPA Extraction
  • Data Extraction using other tools
  • BW Data Source Enhancement
SAP BW Data Loading & Scheduling – 3 Hours
  • Introduction to Process Chains
  • Process Chains in SAP BW/BI
  • Types of Views in Process Chains
  • Process Chain Creation
  • Process Chain Monitoring
  • Return Codes & Errors in Process Chain
BW Data Reporting – 5 Hours
  • Bex Query Designer
  • Bex Analyzer
  • Bex WAD
  • Restricted & Calculated Key figure
  • Filters
  • Rows & Columns
  • Free & Filter Characteristics
  • Types of Variables
  • Conditions & Exceptions
SAP BW Miscellaneous Topics: 2 Hours
  • SAP BW Reports through Enterprise Portal
  • SAP BW/BI – BO Integration
  • SAP BW/BI with BPC
  • SAP BW/BI with Legacy systems
  • SAP BW/BI Batch Job Monitoring Tools
  • SAP BW/BI Issues Ticketing Tool
  • Importance of SAP ABAP/4 & Basis in BW/BI
SAP BW Real Time/Project Scenarios- 1.5 Hours
  • Production Support Issues
  • Implementation Project Issues
  • Migration/Up gradation Project Issues
  • Tickets Handling
  • Batch Jobs Monitoring
  • Ticketing Tool Tracker
SAP BW Clients & Projects Discussions: 1 Hour
  • Importance of SAP BW Projects in Market
  • Type of Domain Industries & Clients using SAP BW/BI
SAP BW Data Transportation: 2 Hours
  • System Landscape
  • Transportation Landscape
  • Overview of Transports
  • Objects Collection in Transports
  • Sequence of Transports Migration
  • Transports Collection & Setting
  • Transport Issues
SAP BW Performance Tuning Techniques -2 Hours
  • Aggregates
  • Partitioning
  • Compressions
  • PSA Table Deletions
  • BI Accelerators
SAP Interview Perspective Discussions – 30 Min
SAP Knowledge Sharing Sessions – 30 Min
  • SAP OSS Notes
  • SAP Marketplace
  • SAP Developer Forum
  • SAP Issues Forum
  • SAP Certifications
  • SAP TechEd

Course Info

Learn SAP BW

Business Warehouse, earlier known as Business Information Warehouse is a comprehensive and packaged Business Intelligence product optimized for SAP R/3 environment around a data warehouse. BW delivers Reporting, Analysis and Interpretation of business data to optimize and enable the organizations to meet the necessity and to take crucial business decisions. SAP BW enables OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) for analyzing the information from huge amount of historical and operative data.

SAP BW Prerequisites

Basic Knowledge on Data Warehousing and business intelligence concepts

Awareness on database technologies would be helpful

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