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Course Outlines

SAP ABAP Course Curriculum

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  • Course Duration : 50 Hours
  • ABAP ERP Contents
  • Accelerated SAP
  • SAP R/3 Architecture
  • Landscape and Implementation Life cycle
  • ABAP Introduction
  • ABAP Workbench
  • ABAP Dictionary
  • ABAP Programming
  • Formation Techniques
  • Selection Screens
  • Work Area
  • Control Systems
  • User Defined Non-Elementary data type
  • ABAP Database Access
  • Internal Table
  • Modularization
  • Reports
  • Screen Objects
  • Developer Tools
  • Data Transfer Procedure
  • SAP Script
  • Smart Forms
  • Cross Applications
  • Types of Distributed Technologies
  • Enhancement Technologies

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ABAP abbreviated as Advanced Business Application Programming is a primary language develops Enterprise Resource Planning System ERP systems. ABAP runs within the SAP system and the syntax is similar to COBOL. The language code written is almost similar to COBOL. It can be said that ABAP is blend of PASCAL and COBOL

Firstly, SAP released its R/3 installed system which is developed in ABAP. Then SAP released an Object Oriented Programming extension to ABAP in 1999 that denotes its ABAP Objects. In 2004, SAP introduced NetWeaver, a development environment supports both ABAP and also Java.

SAP ABAP systems are used among most of the companies to track all the information related to the industries of Finance, Sales, Materials Data and more.

SAP ABAP Prerequisites

Knowledge on C++ and Java would be helpful to understand the concepts at best.

Database knowledge can boost your learning.

SAP ABAP Job Trends

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SAP ABAP Resources

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  • Support Certification Materials: 19
  • Reference Books: 29
  • Reference Materials: 113
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  • India: 68
  • Other Countries: 70