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Learn QlikView Online Training

What is Qlikview?

About BigClasses Qlikview Online Training

Learn Qlikview from BigClasses. Be an expert in Business Analytics and Data Visualization and learn the important concepts as Qlikview Modelling, Reporting and Dashboards, Drill-down Functionality, Automatic and Forced Concatenation, OLE DB, System Sheet, Cross Table, Security Fields and more.

About the QlikView

It is an excellent Business Intelligence platform for transforming the data into information. It is currently being used by more than 24, 000 organizations globally. It has helped its users in searching, visualizing, and analyzing its data with in-depth insight on the data. It has also helped the customers to make business-related decisions with the availability of accurate information. You can make Ad Hoc queries by using Qlikview’s automation associations.It saves user’s time and effort as the right information is provided. QlikView is known to provide analysis, insights, better value to existing data stores with clean and simple UI. You can easily get the information and make plans accordingly.

QlikView is a platform specifically designed for business and its working. It provides Business Intelligence to the users. It allows you to analyze and utilize this data and make business-related decisions according to it.The data is compressed and is held in the memory and this can be explored by multiple users. Users can directly see the data source. It provides a comprehensive experience across all the data used for analysis.

You can use it to load the data. The information related to the data and the data source is stored in the load script.You don’t need to open the load script for analyzing the data. You can create basic documents with getting started wizard in QlikView. It helps in visualizing the data. You can create the document with charts, graphs, and list box. You can change the layouts, calculations, etc. with the given properties in the wizard. You can also share the document and explore it further after creating it. Data can be analyzed in a detail to get new insights.

The QlikView Associative Experience provides direct and indirect business insights and searches across all the data in the application. Therefore, it is user-friendly.The In-memory Technology solves any problems and complexity in the Business Intelligence tools. You can load the data in the memory and it is available at an instant when requested. The users and developers can easily document and code by using dashboards, analysis, and reports. The data is easily pulled and requires no storage in formats just like in Data Warehouse. Therefore, it is a perfect BI tool.

Why Learn This Course?

  • The current market share is around 7.3% only.
  • The worldwide analytics and BI application market are expected to reach 13.7% by 2020.
  • According to a resource, the Qlik platform will increase 11% year over year.
  • Worldwide companies such as HOPEHIV, The Philadelphia Youth Network, The Shift Project, and more are using QlikView.
  • Indian companies such as IBM, Delloite, Bluestar, WIPRO, ITC and more are using QlikView.
  • The national average salary of a QlikView Developer is INR/- 3, 00, 000 to 5, 00, 000 Per Annum.

Objectives of Qlikview Training

The QlikView training online by Big Classes will help you master the following concepts such as:

  • Implementing Data Modeling, Dashboards, Reporting
  • Implementing Data Modeling, Dashboards, Reporting
  • Learning Security and features
  • Understanding BI Visualization with QlikView
  • Implementing Conventions
  • Exploring Cross Tables
  • Performing Data Analysis
  • Learn Qlikview Desktop
  • Learning Data Warehousing Architecture
  • Creating Tabs and Debugging in Scripts
  • Understand Access and its levels
  • Create Table box and Multi-box
  • Building Gauge Charts

Who Can Learn?

The QlikView training can be learned by anyone looking forward to building a career in as a Qlikview Developer. This can be learned from the following professionals:

  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • IT Architectures
  • Testing Professionals
  • ETL Professionals
  • Software Architects
  • Analytics Professionals

Prerequisites to Learn the Qlikview Course

There aren’t any prerequisites for learning this course, but it will be an advantage is a person has basic knowledge of SQL, DWH, and RDMS.

Qlikview Course Curriculum

Duration: 45 Hours

  • Script Editor
  • Loading Data to Qlikview using Excel Files
  • Connecting to ODBC or OLEDB Data Sources
  • Loading Data from Other Data Sources
  • Relative Paths
  • Reload,
  • Partial Reload
  • Debugger
  • Creating and Working with QVD files
  • Data Model, Script Editor and Table Viewer
  • Load Statements (Inline Loads, Binary Loads)
  • Joining Tables Where Exists
  • Table Concatenation
  • Synthetic Keys and Synthetic Tables
  • Cross table
  • Mapping loads
  • Apply Map Method
  • Interval Match
  • Aggregation Functions
  • PEEK
  • FirstSortedValue, Hirerachy
  • Set and Let Statements
  • Security Overview
  • Best Practices

  • Sheets and Sheet Objects
  • Layout Design
  • The Current Selections, Search and Statistics Objects
  • The List Box
  • The Table Box
  • Creating Links and Removing Unwanted Links
  • Expressions and Dimensions
  • Editing Expressions
  • Set Analysis
  • Straight and Pivot Tables
  • Bar Charts
  • Text, Line, Button and Action Objects
  • The Multi Box
  • Pie, Block and Funnel Charts
  • Line Charts and Combo Charts
  • Mini Charts, Trellis Charts
  • Dynamic Text
  • Gauges
  • Working with Variables
  • Best Practices

  • QMC Introduction and Overview
  • Managing Folders
  • Creating Tasks
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Adding Users to Documents

Trainer Information

  • 9+ years of career expertise on Business Intelligence tools.
  • 5 years of Individual and Corporate training Experience.
  • Trained more than 300 learners around the globe.
  • Expertise in QlikView v10, v11, v11.2 from various heterogeneous sources.
  • Extensive knowledge on Dimensional Data Modeling like Star and Snowflake schemas.
  • Strong ability to analyze source systems and business requirements.

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