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About Trainer

  • Trainer Information
  • 9+ years of career expertise on Business Intelligence tools
  • 5 years of Individual and Corporate training Experience
  • Trained more than 300 learners around the globe
  • Expertise in QlikView v10, v11, v11.2 from various heterogeneous sources
  • Extensive knowledge on Dimensional Data Modeling like Star and Snowflake schemas
  • Strong ability to analyze source systems and business requirements
  • Core topics of online QlikView course:
  • Scripting Considerations
  • QlikView Development
  • Deployment
  • Data Transformation

Course Outlines

QlikView Course Curriculum

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Developer: 18 Hours

  • Script Editor
  • Loading Data to Qlikview using Excel Files
  • Connecting to ODBC or OLEDB Data Sources
  • Loading Data from Other Data Sources
  • Relative Paths
  • Reload,
  • Partial Reload
  • Debugger
  • Creating and Working with QVD files
  • Data Model, Script Editor and Table Viewer
  • Load Statements (Inline Loads, Binary Loads)
  • Joining Tables Where Exists
  • Table Concatenation
  • Synthetic Keys and Synthetic Tables
  • Cross table
  • Mapping loads
  • Apply Map Method
  • Interval Match
  • Aggregation Functions
  • PEEK
  • FirstSortedValue, Hirerachy
  • Set and Let Statements
  • Security Overview
  • Best Practices
Designer: 10 Hours
  • Sheets and Sheet Objects
  • Layout Design
  • The Current Selections, Search and Statistics Objects
  • The List Box
  • The Table Box
  • Creating Links and Removing Unwanted Links
  • Expressions and Dimensions
  • Editing Expressions
  • Set Analysis
  • Straight and Pivot Tables
  • Bar Charts
  • Text, Line, Button and Action Objects
  • The Multi Box
  • Pie, Block and Funnel Charts
  • Line Charts and Combo Charts
  • Mini Charts, Trellis Charts
  • Dynamic Text
  • Gauges
  • Working with Variables
  • Best Practices
Administration: 2 Hours
  • QMC Introduction and Overview
  • Managing Folders
  • Creating Tasks
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Adding Users to Documents

Course Info

Learn QlikView

What is qlikview?QlikView is an In-memory BI platform. The QlikView Business intelligence delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making which is relevant to every business user. In other words, Qlikview is software that makes it possible to retrieve and assimilate data from different sources. Once loaded into the program, the data is presented in a way that is easy to understand and work with.Qlikview training helps you in making selection in Qlikview, you don’t need any previous knowledge of databases or search routines.
Qlikview training also teaches you creation of graphic and table to get a better overview of the data that can be exported to other programs
The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

  • Has an inference engine that maintains the associations in the data automatically
  • Calculates aggregations on the fly, as needed, for a super-fast user experience
  • Compresses data down to 10% of its original size to optimize the power of the processors
  • Accomplishes both within a single, comprehensive product
Qlikview course helps you in understand how Qlikview gives big data big meaning while harnessing the power of big data analytics for business user.

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