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IBM MQ Online Training

IBM MQ Online Training

Course Content

Duration: 30 Hours

  • Basic MQ Concepts
  • MQ Overview
  • Message Overview
  • MQ Installation
  • Migration
  • File System
  • MQ Objects
  • MQ Commands
  • MQI Calls
  • Run MQ SC Modes
  • Script Files Distributed Queue Management
  • Message Channels
  • Channel Life Cycle
  • Multihopping
  • Triggering Overview
  • Application Triggering
  • Trigger Monitors
  • Trigger Message
  • Initiation Queue
  • Logs, Logging and Trouble Shooting
  • Checkpoint
  • Media and Restart Recovery
  • Configuration Files Overview
  • Security and SSL Configuration
  • Clustering
  • Configuration Backup and Messages Backup
  • DeadLetter Handler Usage
  • UNIX Basic Commands
  • RPM Toll Usage
  • Basic FTP Commands
  • UNIX Server Connection Tools and Utilities
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Ticketing Tools

IBM MQ Online Training

WebSphere MQ includes a alternative of APIs and supports the Java™ Message Service (JMS) API. WebSphere MQ is that the market-leading messaging integration middleware product. Originally introduced in 1993 (under the IBM MQSeries® name), WebSphere MQ provides associate degree an, reliable, scalable, secure, and superior transport mechanism to handle businesses property necessities.

Did you know?

  • IBM WebSphere MQ has the following credentials and business recognition:
  • It is the most generally deployed messaging backbone, with over 10,000 customers exploitation the IBM messaging Backbone:
  • Over 90 % of Fortune 50 firms and of Fortune 10 corporations use the IBM electronic communication Backbone.
  • Over 80 % of world 25 corporations and 70 % of world ten companies use the IBM electronic communication Backbone.
  • It is entrusted with tens of billions of messages every day:
  • A government consumer sends 675 million messages per day.
  • A banking client handles over 213 million messages per day on IBM z/OS® alone.

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