Voice & Accent Training Online overview

The voice is a skillful tool, which enables a person to express himself. In the paradigm of the Contact Centre the voice-based support relies completely on the parametric of the tone and delivery of both the product and the self, which is of utmost concern.

BigClasses in particular does not believe in coaching the voices just for their campaigns but to enhance a brighter future to the candidates wherever they go. Wherever the question of accent arises, we believe in not only polishing the Language as casual as it can get but also Americanize them further in due course of time, The ultimate challenge laid out before the candidates is American Accent not neutral Indian but Neutral American.

BigClasses works on laying the foundation of good Spoken (communicative) English with effective language training relevant to grammatical.

Voice & Accent topics

Duration : 60 Hours

  • The Language Pyramid
  • Sounds Consonant & Vowel Sounds
  • Intonation
  • Word tress & Syllable Stress
  • Mother Tongue Influence
  • Regional Influence
  • Indianism
  • Rate of Speech
  • Speech Fluency, Pausing, Fillers, Foghorns
  • Thought Flow
  • Pronunciation Errors

About Trainer

  • Worked as a High School Teacher for more than 10 Years handling the subject English.
  • Worked as Principal for more than 7 Years.
  • Worked as an English Communication Trainer for Orion Call-Tech trained all the Graduates and Under Graduates in Communication skills and got them placements in top companies like Wipro, Sitel, Dell, Deloitte and Etc.
  • Trained more than 20 Engenering Collages in Communications skills and Soft Skills and got them placements in top companies.
  • Worked as a Spoken English trainer and trained may Students, Working People, Business Men, IT Professionals. And others in English Speaking.
  • Trained in Bank of America In Voice & Accent and Soft skills Trainer.
  • Worked as a Corporate Trainer for Bridge Solutions and AVR Infosolutions.