Since inception of, it has evolved into a cherished and most reliable Retail and Corporate IT Online Training Company.

About Corporate Training:

The training of IT professionals is a specialized business. Clients need to be confident that they are working with a consultancy which has a genuine understanding of IT and the resources to train candidates on their behalf. And IT firms in turn; need to be assured that they choose a consultancy that can supply a level of knowledge that truly matches their aspirations.

Our online training programs are designed to provide exhaustive and personalized learning experience for students through the medium of Internet based on their interest and degree of expertise. By using different web conferencing tools, our experienced real-time trainers ensure that the student gets trained wherever he/she is – in India, USA, UK, Europe, or Australia.

Our LIVE projects training programs and credible certifications backed by expert HELP DESK has benefited many to learn, master, get certified and land up with jobs that have created excellent breakthrough in careers.

We do much more than train; we create effective partnerships with our clients. Our offerings are based on an understanding of our clients’ business requirements thereby providing them dependable solutions to maximize their competitive advantage and productivity.

And because we have focused purely on online IT training since our inception, we really can boast that we have got what it takes to succeed in this dynamic market sector.

Training Highlights:

  • Interactive Learning at Learners convenience
  • Industry Savvy Trainers
  • Learn Right from Your Place
  • Customized Curriculum

Support after Training

  • Resume Preparation
  • Certification Guidance
  • Interview Assistance

Quality Team That Provides Quality Training:

You benefit from working with our established teams — each with a strong mix of technical and business acumen, and a mission to give you more time each day by taking IT training off your desk and on to theirs. We’re constantly innovating to find ways to deliver the perfect solution to specific training problems and give you a better service.

The Team:

We have a league of professionally experienced and certified trainers who have been working with the top MNCs & corporate houses; all instructors have at least 6+ years professional teaching experience and are selected through a rigorous process incorporating multiple interviews and live teaching demonstrations.

Multiple IT Technologies Services for Every Need:

We offer a number of different IT technologies training solutions to address the diversity of each situation. These include:

  • Data Warehousing Tools
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • JAVA
  • Oracle
  • Testing Tools
  • WebSphere
  • SAP

If your business has the need to train 1, 10, 100, or even a thousand professionals, our firm is exclusively prepared to handle your entire training effort.

All Round Support That Goes beyond Training:

Corporate Training Services:

Our primary aim is to develop your employees’ professional competency levels within the organizational framework so they are geared to enhance performances and consequently address business challenges in the dynamic IT environment.

When you outsource your training needs to, you have one less thing to worry about. In addition to our exceptional customer service, we have flexible scheduling of instructors, precise course material, speedy invoicing and faster turnaround times for unforeseen demands. Our central LMS gives you complete control over all training and allows you to customize the course content to best meet each employee’s training needs.

All this offers you a learning experience that is convenient, time-sensitive and budget-friendly. The best part is that you get to focus on the most important thing of all – your business.


As a leading online IT services institute, we specialize in providing total project support solutions to students, consultants and organizations across all Information Technologies, anywhere in the world.

Through the implementation of a 24X7 live system and a force of technically savvy professionals, we are open to assist you in any phase of your IT project.

Staffing & Placement Services:’s fray into IT staffing & placement services was to fill the huge scarcity of talent in the ever growing segment of IT Services. One of the core services we provide as part of our global business operations is the placement of skilled applicants for both temporary and permanent positions especially for USA and Canada.

Our long-standing and industry-repute in the market has helped us forge strong tie-ups with many IT companies both in India and abroad.

We have energetic professionals who exclusively explore all available resources to fulfill the placement needs of the candidates by helping them identify the right job and assisting in resume writing, certification guidance & interview preparations so that they eventually land up with a job.


Our vision is to be the First Choice employer, supplier and customer in the professional training services industry.

We will be the industry thought leader with a respected international presence and dominant Indian footprint.

By constantly moving forward and evolving our approach, is dedicated to maintaining an enviable position in the IT training marketplace very soon.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide professional engagement, business, financial, administrative and associated IT services to Independent Professionals and the Organizations that engage them.

We will achieve our mission through:

  • Strong work ethics and always being transparent and honest
  • Staying ahead of our competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand
  • Providing an unparalleled level of customer service
  • Attracting, engaging and retaining smart and passionate employees
  • Performing in a timely and professional manner.

Working With the Latest Knowledge-base & Methodologies:

We do whatever’s necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

To help our clients succeed, we are continually refining our approach; this innovation process enables us to find ways to deliver better solutions to your training problems.

Live Interactive Training the ‘Big’ Way:

Our training happens within a live environment, where the instructor and students interact (via voice, screen sharing and share notes) using web conferencing tools like Webex and Gotomeeting which facilitates interactive learning sessions through both desktop sharing & audio sharing.

Because voice is integrated in our web conferencing software, trainees will be able to listen and talk to the instructor through their computer integrated speakers/headsets. The virtual classroom enables trainees to raise their queries, make notes and have discussions with other participants as well.

All the necessary information to participate in our sessions like the respective IDs, links to the tools and other resources etc is guided by our team.

Practice Methodology:

Our learners have 24×7 access to our servers via the required software which is remotely installed into their system. This facilitates students to practice even after the course is completed.
In case a trainee gets stuck somewhere during the practice session, they will be promptly attended to through our 24/7 live chat support.

Focused Business Parameters for Guaranteed Results:’s approach revolves around a few business parameters which it unwaveringly focuses on:

  • Focus on Clients: We are always focused on our clients’ specific needs and their business problems so as to deliver dependable solutions.
  • Focus on Training Practices: Our scientific training process is based on ethics and business responsibility.
  • Focus on Trainees: We leverage our experience to closely work with trainees to design an efficient training solution based on their aptitude and skill-set.
  • Focus on Curriculum: Our instantly downloadable training manuals, CDs and huge library of online resources are designed in a customized, user-friendly manner to be used in a self-study environment.
  • Focus on Cost: In order to source high caliber talent, we leave no options unexplored. Our extensive database will help you get the right candidate for your requirement.

The desire to perform at high levels into the future has been accompanied by strategies and operating models that enable to accurately determine how much of our market value is represented by clients’ confidence in their long-term outlook.

Besides improving current operations and meeting short-term expectations, we have allocated resources to build future-growth platforms.’s steady growth is a clear indicator that we are poised to accelerate our market share via partnerships and collaborations in days to come.