BigClasses introduces Spoken English course for all individuals, professionals and Business people worldwide. There is no pre-requisite for this course; anyone from any place in the world can join this program to learn English for FREE. The best part of learning is, BigClasses provides you and all the learners an Access to Digital Library, Practice Sessions, Recorded Videos and a lot more. All the Spoken English courses pursue a clear succession path for all the learners from Beginner level to Advanced levels.

BigClasses reassure you to make you communicate in English very well by the end of the program. Throughout the course duration, every learner will have an ample opportunity to correspond with fellow learners and instructor to make verbal presentations easily in English.

Our Endeavor to Deliver English

Our motto aim learners to improve performance in

  • Listening and reading difficult information easily.
  • Converse your views more efficiently and effectively.
  • Interact more self-confidently with English speaking people.
  • More competitive edge in today’s global workspace.
  • Sharpen your interpersonal and career skills.
  • Enhanced presentation and writing skills to project improved impressions.
  • Become a self-sufficient learner of English.

Expert Trainers

BigClasses handpicks the talented, qualified and experienced instructors. We select on the basis to teach, guide, encourage and motivate our learners during the English learning program. We understand the learners and trainers very well to make the best use of time, money, endeavor and knowledge. All of our instructors dedicated and committed to deliver the best learning of your life time at ease.

Why to learn English language?

There are quite a lot of reasons to say why to learn English Language. As English is one of the most difficult languages and we make learners to learn in a much optimized way. We make some of the great reasons to show importance of English Language.

  • English is the most common language used to communicate among foreign language speakers. This is the only language source to speak when all the foreign people of different countries comes to one place.
  • English makes you bilingual and opens more employment chances across the world. Most of the Developed and Economical countries speak English Language.
  • Due to Great Britain’s expansion, countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, India and many smaller countries speak English. Many countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Netherlands adopted English as their second Language.
  • English is also mostly used in the Movies, Dramas and fictions, by learning English you don’t need to rely on sub titles.
  • English is the language of science. In order to excel in scientific industry; you need to know English for sure.