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  • Over 6+ years of extensive IT work experience in software analysis, design, development, coding, process control and windows applications.
  • Hands-on experience .Net 3.5/4.0, Web Applications, Window Forms, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML,DHTML, XML, SSRS, CSS,SDLC using Waterfall, SCRUM and AGILE methodologies.
  • 5+ years of experience in Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Working as a team lead in a reputed MNC

Course Outlines

.Net Course Curriculum

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  • Java script

  • Introduction to java script
  • Basic functions Implementation
  • Java script events Handling
  • Java script Validations
  • Attaching an external java script file
  • Working with words ,numbers and Dates
  • Google API, WEB API integration

    J query

  • What is J query? Installation and syntax.
  • Selectors and events
  • J query animation effects
  • J query Ajax calls
  • J query Content Delivery Networks(CDN)
  • J query Validations
  • External j query plugins.
  • J query UI
  • WPF

  • Introduction to WPF
  • XAML and WPF Controls
  • Layout & Dialogues
  • Menus and Commands
  • Data Binding
  • Linq-Sql Classes
  • Setup file creation and installing
  • Grid view and speech synthesizers
  • WCF

  • Introduction to WCF
  • Addresses and Bindings
  • Service Contracts
  • Consuming WCF Service
  • Instance Management
  • Data Contracts
  • Handling Errors
  • Hosting a wcf service
  • REST Service
  • Fault contracts
  • Entity Framework


Course Info

Learn .Net

Microsoft developed the Dot Net FRAMEWORK, which runs predominantly on Microsoft windows.

Dot Net COURSE Shares the knowledge of executing the programs for .Net FRAMEWORK in a software environment known as common language run time (CLR), that ha services such as security, memory management and exceptional handling.

Dot Net ONLINE TRAINING focuses on the visual studio, which is a development tool integrated with the dot net software. Framework 4.0 and framework4.5 are released alongside with visual studio2010 and visual studio 2012.

.NET TRAINING includes the software installation in the computer without interfering with the previous software which was already installed (Software deployment).

DOT NET ONLINE TRAINING starts with a detailed discussion on the older versions and gives a sufficient knowledge on the latest versions such as Dot Net FRAMEWORK 4.0 and .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5.

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