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Cognos Online Training

Cognos Online Training:

Cognos is a developer of Business Intelligence software developed by IBM. Cognos online training is designed for the Business users who have no technical Knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports. Cognos10.1 is a combination of nearly three dozen software products.

The main objective of Cognos Business Intelligence is to bring the right information at the right time. Usually, the data is pulled from several sources and transformed into accurate and consistent information which is stored in the Data Warehouse. Now Cognos BI is one of the largest suppliers of Business Intelligence Tools globally and the name is recognized as a leader in their field of Business Intelligence reporting studio.

BigClasses Trainer-lead Cognos Online Training is live, real-time and interactive. It is not self-paced or pre-recorded, and provides many of the same benefits of in-person classroom training, with live chat and online collaboration features, information flow between students and their instructors or peers can equal or even surpass that of the classroom training.

Cognos Online Training:

Course Duration : 30 Hours

  • Business Intelligence overview
  • Data Warehousing overview
  • Cognos 10.1 BI and its Architecture
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Administration
  • Cognos 10.1BI Connection
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Framework Manager
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Query Studio
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Analysis Studio
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Report Studio
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Event Studio
  • Cognos 10.1 BI Transformer Cube Building


Trainer Information

  • Our Cognos trainer is having 6+ years of DWH experience
  • He has worked for different clients like GSK. Unicorn HRO, Boeing
  • He is a Cognos certified from IBM ( cog – 112 )
  • He has trained more than 120 batches online, offline and corporate.
  • He has conducted many corporate workshops a and successfully trained more professionals
  • The students he trained most are from US and Europe.
  • Online Training techniques of BigClasses are specially designed for the global learners and are globally proven.
  • BigClasses has taken utmost care to recruit the trainers for online training.
  • Our trainer is capable of designing sophisticated course material.
  • Our Trainers are enthusiastic learners, which helps them to acquire up-to-date knowledge.
  • Our Trainers aims at quality teaching, which earned them multitudes of learners.

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