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business analyst online training

Learn Business Analyst Online Training

What is Business Analyst?

BigClasses is providing the best Business Analyst Online Training with highly experienced professionals and real-time trainers. The Business Analyst analyses the organization and its business. They then document its business and its process systems and create a business model with these. Business Analysts Online Training is designed to teach you important tasks and techniques used in the company to shape their business professionally. Business Analyst is an important part of a business domain in any analysis industry. It helps to understand business requirements with the business analysis statistics report. Business Analyst has become an indispensable part of project management. Business Analyst Online Training will teach students about business analysis, strategy analysis, IT Projects, project manager responsibilities, task creation, business analysis techniques as PESTLE, MOST, SWOT, CATWOE.

What is the Importance of Business Analyst?

Business Analyst (BA) is a professional who analyses the organizations by documenting its process, business model, and technologies. They are hired to solve the business problems with the help of the technology. They improve the quality of the services by working with IT. Their management skills are needed to develop the required project plans.
The BA works in various industries such as Finance, Banking, Insurance, Software Services, Telecoms, and also the Government. A Business Analyst can take
part in any role as operating scaling, sales planning, development process, etc. They can move from one Industry to another due to their job functions.
Business Analyst has a great opportunity all over the world. Companies that use Business Analysts are Epsilon, Deloitte, ViralMint, HuQuo, etc. And the
Average salary for a Business Analyst is 8 to 9.9 Lakhs ₹ in India and around 70, 170 $ in the USA.

About BigClasses Business Analyst Training

The Business Analyst Course by BigClasses is designed for anyone who wants to work as a Business Analyst.Business Analyst are more wanted in an IT management industry.It will train students to analyze any business domain and develop a statistical report on the company.This will not only help to get insight into the company business analysts, but can improve it further by defining strategic goals and direction. Business Analyst will also help in enhancing communication among employees.

Resources and Support

Students will have free access to the course material. The course materials are up to date and revised constantly. You can learn the course by online training and self-paced learning.

Requirements for the Business Analyst Training

Business Analyst Online Training can be taken by any graduates in accounting, financial, and business administration department.

Training Objectives

Business Analyst Training Course by Big Classes will train you to become expert in the following subjects

  • Understand business analysis
  • Master business analysis framework
  • Master business analysis techniques PESTLE, MOST, SWOT, CATWOE
  • Manage different project documents
  • Understand stakeholder’s requirements
  • Initiate process modeling
  • Manage workload professionally

Who Can Learn?

Business Analyst Online Training is designed for anyone looking forward to working in an analytical field as a Business Analyst. Interested people who can
take this course are:

  • Senior Developers
  • Solution Architecture
  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Team Leaders

Business Analyst Course Curriculum

Duration: 40 Hours

  • International Institute of Business Analyst (IIBA) and Role of a Business Analyst
  • Client Organization
  • IT Company Organization
  • Project Governance Structure
  • SDLC Models
    • Waterfall
    • V Model
    • Prototype Model
    • Iterative Model
    • Spiral Model
    • Agile Methodologies – Scrum

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Requirements Planning and Management
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Communication
  • Requirements Analysis and Documentation
  • Solution Assessment and Validation

  • Understand Team Roles and Stakeholder Analysis (RACI Matrix)
  • Identify Requirement Activities and Estimation Technique
  • Scope Management and Traceability Matrix
  • Change Management Process
  • Risk Management Process
  • Real Time Case Study to understand the above concepts

  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Prototyping
  • Document Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Brainstorming
  • Interface Analysis
  • Workshops
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Surveys / Questionnaires
  • Real Time Case Study to understand the above concepts

  • Structured Analysis
    • Data Flow Diagrams & Flowcharts
    • ER Diagrams
  • Object Oriented Analysis
    • Introduction to Object Orientation Concepts
    • Advantages of OO over Structured Analysis
    • Introduction to UML
    • UML Diagrams relevant to a Business Analyst
      • Use Case Diagrams and Use Case Stories
      • Class & Object Diagrams
      • Sequence & Collaboration Diagrams
      • State Transition Diagrams
      • Activity Diagrams
    • Case Studies

  • Preparing Communication Plan
  • Defining Communication Requirements of Project
  • Conflict Management
  • Approvals & Signoffs

  • Role of Business Analyst in Testing
  • Stages of Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing and
    • User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing Process
    • Test Strategy & Plan
    • Test Case Preparation
    • Test Execution
    • Defect Fixing
  • Testing Types
    • Functional Testing
    • UI Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Access Control & Security Testing
    • Regression Testing
  • Testing Techniques
    • Black box Testing
    • White Box Testing
  • Test Metrics

  • Enterprise Analysis Process
  • Maintaining Business Architecture
    • Zachman Framework
    • POLDAT Framework

Trainer Information

  • 8+ years of experience as a business analyst in top IT Companies.
  • Worked for multiple geographies including North America, APAC, Europe and Middle East.
  • Rich experience in creating Use Cases, Data Modeling and UML based Object Oriented Analysis and Design Excellent knowledge of Business Analysis knowledge areas including requirements planning, elicitation, analysis & documentation, solution assessment validation and communication.

Frequently asked questions

Sure we do! You can attend a live demo by registering for one.
You can retake any session by attending any future live training or by viewing the recorded session. You will have access to recorded training.
You will have free access to our digital library to Business Analyst Training. The Business Analyst digital library includes 500+ Interview Q&A, 70+ Resume samples, free e-books and recorded videos. The Big Classes Business Analyst training will equip you with the necessary skill set for job readiness. At this time, we don’t have any direct placement support.
The Business Analyst training is conducted by certified, expert trainers with many years of industry experience..
Email/ Business Analyst Forum support for 1 year,  free access to the course for 1 year, 24/7 access to the Business Analyst digital library.

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Pareto Analysis is an important technique used by the Analyst. It helps in making decisions due to its quality control and defect resolution property. It is called 80/20 rule as 80% rule has an impact on the system and 20% rule arises from the cause.
INVEST stands for Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimate, Sized Appropriately and Testable. It helps project managers maintaining and developing a
quality product and services.
Uml stand for Unified Modelling Languages.
He/she helps the organization by analyzing the business domain by developing and maintaining documents on the business performance and activity.
The flow chart is a perfect pattern with symbols and diagrams that are easy to understand and explain. Business Analysts develop their
analysis data with the help of a flowchart. It adds professionalism to the work.
Kano Analysis is useful for analyzing system requirements as for how it affects the customer satisfaction.
BCG stands for Boston Consulting Group. BCG Matrix is used in analyzing various business processes of the companies.It is used in product offering, strategic management, product management, and even in brand marketing.
The four types of actors are human, system, hardware, and timer. The primary actors start the process while the secondary actors assist these primary actors in starting the process.
The activity Diagram is the diagram of the activities involved in the system. It is important to show various activities that take place in an organization in different departments.
The tools used by any BA are the rational tools, MS Visio, MS Office.
INVEST Stands for Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Sized Appropriately, and Testable. It will help the project managers and also the technical team to deliver products/services.
It is the quality of the system.It makes the system used to any end users.If the system is useful to the end user for achieving his goals, its usability is good. Personas are basically social roles which are performed by the actor.
The BCG stands for Boston Consulting Group matrix analyzes various business processes, and also the new product of the companies. It is an important an useful tool that is used for analyzing the portfolio, strategy and product management, and brand marketing.

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