World behind the Microsoft Business Intelligence:

Late in 1980’s Business Intelligence was first used. For an organisation business intelligence priory describes all the methodologies, work flow and technology right from the basic how information is used internally that helps in communicating and problem solving within the organisation for its development. In other terms the whole process is also defined as the information management.

Since BI is a multidimensional concept one can understand it clearly with the three different perspectives:

  1. Gathering Data for transforming the information
  2. Analysing with help of Data Programs
  3. Faster and better decision making

For every organisation there will be a lot of information that has to sort before gathering it or collecting it. Not every individual working in an organisation is an expert analyst, thus some rely on the data programs for assistance, where raw data is turned into statistical in order to optimise, which becomes a knowledge that is shared among the employees of an organisation. This flow of information among the organisation is controlled by the administration, thus allowing the limited access among the team members and the managers.

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