What is Informatica and informatica ETL Tool

Informatica ETL tool is a market lead in data integration. Informatica ETL tool is also popular for data quality services. Informatica is very effective ETL and EAI tool with important industry coverage.

What is data Integration?

Data integration is a process which combines data stored in different locations and provides users a unified view of these data.

What is Informatica ETL Tool?

Now you have to know what is the meaning of ETL in ‘Informatica ETL tool’. It stands for extract, transform and load. Data integration tools are different from other software tools and languages. They have no inbuilt feature to figure user interface where end user can get the transformed data. Informatica ETL tool has ability to manage, integrate and transfer organization data.

Why Informatica ETL Tool is very popular for data integration?

 Informatica is very popular because it is capable for lean integration and lean manufacturing.

  Informatica ETL Tool has high success rate in data integration.

  Informatica ETL tool is very easy to learn.

 Informatica ETL tool is easily available for data integration.

  Informatica ETL tool is not so costly.

 Informatica ETL tool has its own internal scheduler. Many other ETL tools do not have its internal scheduler.

 Informatica is following mainstream marketing strategy.

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