WebSphere MQ – Select the Right Tool to Manage Middleware

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WebSphere MQ has become the de facto standard for asynchronous application integration. As architecture has stimulated from CICS and mainframe to SOA, then WebSphere MQ has adapted. MQ is widely recognized as a flexible, multi-purpose and cost-effective messaging integration platform. Using this any financial businesses and any company can implement a diverse IT system.

WebSphere MQ interacts with diverse layers within IT environment. The purpose of WebSphere MQ is to act as a message queue manager and also an application integration enabler.

In order to evaluate whether the middleware messaging is working as you desired, an external monitor or application must be installed to manage the performance and also the business transaction performance. MQ has to do these following things:

  • offering superior
  • increasing top-line revenue
  • maintaining transactional security
  • consistent customer service
  • controlling the operational costs

To do these above-mentioned things transaction tracking and performance monitoring are needed.

Any business with a diverse IT infrastructure which utilizes messaging and transactions should acquire visibility into the MQ middleware layer to diminish mean time to repair or MTTR for any problems.

There are many commercial software application or web-based applications running on CICS or mainframe or dot net framework are often interconnected using the WebSphere MQ.

In most IT organizations has experts with specialized tools who can understand how their specialization works. Identifying the root cause without any tool that monitors performance of transactions that passes through the end-to-end system is very time consuming and costly.

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