Overview of IBM Websphere MQ Admin

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What is MQ? What is Message? What IBM says about MQ?
  • A member of  websphere family from IBM. Websphere MQ (formally MQseries) is the standard for messaging across multiple platforms, including windows, linux, IBM mainframe and midrange and Unix flavors.
  • A middleware product that implements a messaging and queuing framework
  • Middleware – an intermediate software component that bridges dissimilar computing environments

Websphere MQ

Brief History

•1992- Systems Strategies (SSI) develops ezBridge, a messaging and queuing product for VMS, Tandem, and Unix

•1993- IBM buys intellectual property rights for ezBridge from SSI
8 - Copy
9 - Copy
Messaging and Queuing Characteristics :
Three key facts about Messaging and Queuing differentiate it from other communication styles:

1) Communicating programs can run at different times.

2) There are no constraints on application structure.

3) Programs are insulated from environmental differences.



Applications Shielded from Environmental Differences:

Do not  care what OS is used.
Do not care what language they’re written in
Do not care what the underlying communication  protocol is used.
•What is Message?
It’s a representation of data to be exchanged between applications.
It can be,
•Text (Raw text, XML)
•Structured data (C structures, Cobol copybooks, Serialized Java Objects)
•Swift messages


Types of messages
Persistence and Non persistence
•Message parts
–Message Descriptor (MQMD)

–Message Body

•What IBM says about MQ?
Once and only once delivery And a Guaranteed delivery