Types of Oracle Users

For a large site it may require more than one database administrator for different types of duties.

1. Database administrator:

Each database requires minimum one DBA. There are several job responsibilities of a DBA explained below –

  • Installing the Oracle Server and application tools
  • Upgrading the Oracle Server and application tools
  • Creating primary database storage structure and primary objects
  • Modifying database structure
  • Controlling user access
  • Taking backup of database information
  • Recovery Information
  • Retrieving database information

2. Security Officers:

A security officer enrolls users, controls and monitors user access to the database, and maintains system security.

3. Network Administrators:

A network administrator is responsible for administering Oracle networking products, such as Oracle Net Services.

4. Application Developers:

An application developer is responsible for designing and implementing database applications. Apart from this he has to design database structure, estimate storage requirement for an application, specify modification of database, tune the application during development and establish applications’ security measures.

5. Application Administrators:

An Oracle site can assign one or more application administrators to administrate a particular application. Each application can have its own administrator.

6. Database Users:

Database users interact with the database through applications or utilities. Below are the user’s responsibilities –

  • Entering, modifying, and deleting data
  • Generating reports


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