MSBI Online Training

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Course highlights:

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI)Online Training describes the complete Microsoft Business Intelligence stack and also the role of every element in order that a far better knowing estimate of resources could be created within the Bi project.
  • Explain the thought of the Unified Data Model; perceive its limitations and sensible implementations and once it would be acceptable to use in an exceedingly quick and low-value Bi deployment.
  • Explain what SQL 2008 and also the R2 unleash modification in Microsoft Bi and the way best to leverage these technologies.
  • You will learn to use these tools to design reports in either ad-hoc mode or for distribution once or regular on subscriptions.
  • You will explore the Dashboard designer and see the benefit of that you’ll be able to produce scorecards, filters, KPIs, and dashboards.
  • Understand the role of Power Pivot in Microsoft Bi.  is that the massive development with standout 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. You’ll learn wherever it fits, a way to use it and what impact it’ll have on this and future of your Microsoft Bi investment.
  • Excel rules the land of the MBA! Here we are going to explore excel Services 2010 and you’ll be able to with success implement a “Single version of the reality workbook” deployment.

SQL Server online training

SQL Server DBA Topics

  • SQL Server Architecture
  • SQL Server Version’s and Editions
  • SQL Server Installation and Configuration
  • System databases
  • Pages and Extents
  • SQL server services
  • SQL server protocols
  • ACID properties
  • Recovery models
  • Security-Login and User, Principals, Securable, Managing Permissions
  • Authentication Modes
  • Server Roles
  • Database Roles
  • Isolation Levels and Concurrency
  • Locking and Blocking-Types of locks and Types of reads
  • Service accounts for SQL server
  • GUI Templates-object explorer, solution explorer, template explorer, registered servers
  • Command line tools-BCP, SQLCMD
  • Creating and Configuring Database
  • Altering Databases and Their Options-Using ALTER command, Controlling Access, Controlling DB state.
  • Linked servers
  • DAC-Dedicated Administrator Connection
  • CMS-Central Management Server
  • Data Compression and Backup Compression
  • Using ALTER Authorization Command
  • Schemas-Creating and working with schemas
  • Database snapshots
  • DBCC-And their parameters
  • Indexes-Types of Indexes, working and maintaining indexes, resolving index fragmentation, fill factor
  • Update statistics
  • SQL Server 2008 Top New Features
  • DMV’s-Types of Dynamic Management Views and working with them.
  • PBM-Policy Based Management
  • Resource governor
  • Performance data collector
  • SQL Server Profiler
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Database mail
  • Types of SQL Server Backups and their important options.
  • Types of Restores and its related options
  • Orphan Users-Fixing orphan users
  • Log shipping
  • Database Mirroring
  • Replication-Types Replication
  • Basics of Windows Clustering
  • Overview of real-time Third party Monitoring tools-Ex:-Idera DM, Lite-speed.
  • Overview of real-time Ticketing tool

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