Microstrategy Business Intelligence Technology

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MicroStrategy is a global leader in business intelligence technology. MicroStrategy provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that enables companies to analyze the data stored across their enterprise to make better business decisions.


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MicroStrategy’s business intelligence platform delivers actionable information to business users via e-mail, web, and mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. Companies choose MicroStrategy for its ease-of-use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability. Every day, millions of People make better business decisions using MicroStrategy.

MicroStrategy 9.4 Online Training | MicroStrategy Tutorial for Beginners

MicroStrategy’s instructor-led training and certification programs address the full lifecycle of Business Intelligence development, implementation, and use. We help technical and end users alike understand how to raise their productivity, improve the depth of their analyses, and use technology creatively to address business challenges.

MicroStrategy online training


MicroStrategy Online training :

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