Informatica Server Manager

Informatica will communicate with all major information bases; Informatica may move or rework data between them. Informatica will move vast volumes of knowledge terribly} very economical method. Informatica will bombard the transactions.

It will effectively do joins between tables completely different|in several|in numerous} databases on different servers. The tasks are performed by Informatica Server (Unix or MS Windows). You get a consumer application known as “Server Manager” to figure with the server.

One will style their processes in a very consumer application known as “Designer”. {this is|this is often|this will be} wherever everybody can tell what the supply databases and tables are going to be, what’s going to be the targets, and the way one move/transform the info.

Informatica uses its own info known as “Metadata Repository Database”, or just a Repository. Repository stores {the information|the info|the information} (rules) required for data extraction, transformation, loading, and management. You get a consumer application “Repository Manager” to figure with the repository.

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