IBM MQ Series Queue Commands

Queue Commands

  • Define QLocal(Queue-name)..
  • Define QLocal(Queue-Name) Usage(Xmitq)
  • Define QAlias(Queue-Name) Target(Target-Queue-Name)..
  • Define QRemote(Queue-Nmae) RName(Target-Queue_Name) RQMName(Target-QMGR-Name) Xmitq(Xmitq-Name)
  • Define QModel(Queue_name) Deftype(Tempdyn/PermDyn) ..
  • Display QLocal(Queue-Name)
  • Display Qstatus(Queue-Name)
  • Display QLocal(Queue-Name) Usage
  • Display QAlias(Queue-Name)
  • Display QRemote(Queue-Name) All
  • Display QModel(Queue-Name)
  • Alter QLocal(Queue-name) Maxdepth(10000) Maxmsgl(1024(bytes)) ..
  • Alter QRemote(Queue-Name) Rname(…) RQMName(….) Xmitq(…) …
  • Alter QModel(Queue-Name) Deftype(TempDyn/PermDyn) ….
  • Alter QAlias(Queue_Name) Target(….) …
  • Delete QLocal(Queue-Name)
  • Delete QAlias(Queue-Nmae)
  • Delete QRemote(Queue-Name)
  • Delete QModel(Queue-Name)
  • Clear QLocal(Queue-Name)

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