Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing through ETL testing training

There is an accepted misunderstanding that database and data warehouse testing is similar while the verity is that both hold different direction in testing.

  • Database testing is done using a lesser amount of data normally with OLTP type of databases while data warehouse testing is done with big quantity of data connecting OLAP databases.
  • In database testing normally data is constantly inserted from consistent sources while in data warehouse testing most of the data come from many kinds of data sources which are consecutively inconsistent.
  • We usually execute the only CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operation in database testing while in data warehouse testing we use read-only operation.
  • Standardized databases are used in database testing while the deflated database is used in data warehouse testing.

ETL Testing Online Training | ETL Testing Using Informatica

There are many numbers of universal verifications that have to be accepted out for any kind of data warehouse testing. Below is the listing of objects explained in online ETL Testing training which is performed as fundamentals for validation in ETL Testing:

Validating to facilitate the data transformation from source to destination works as estimated

  Verify that projected data is added in target system

  Verify that all database fields and field data is loaded not including any truncation

  Verify data checksum for verification count match

  Verify that for discarded data appropriate error logs are generated with all details

  Verify NULL value fields

  Verify that the ravage data is not loaded

  Verify data reliability

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