Common Grammatical Errors in English

Below are some of most common mistakes in English.
1    WRONG    I have visited Charminar last weekend.
RIGHT    I visited Charminar last weekend.

2    WRONG    I did not meet nobody.
RIGHT    I did not meet anybody.

3    WRONG    My train departs in 10 AM.
RIGHT    My train departs at 10 AM.

4    WRONG    Do you like a glass of water?
RIGHT    Would you like a glass of water?

5    WRONG    There is five boys in the class.
RIGHT    There are five boys in the class.

6    WRONG    The police is coming.
RIGHT    The police are coming.

7    WRONG    I enjoyed from the movie.
RIGHT    I enjoyed the movie.

8    WRONG    She is married with a doctor.
RIGHT    She is married to a doctor.

9    WRONG    Every students like the English teacher.
RIGHT    Every student likes the English teacher.

10    WRONG    He doesn’t listen me.
RIGHT    He doesn’t listen to me.

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