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What is Cognos?

The word ‘Cognos’ originated from the Latin word “cognosco”. It is introduced by IBM. Cognos helps any company in their Business Intelligence (BI).

What is Cognos Report Studio?

Congos Report Studio is a web product, which is used to create report and analyze. It gives step by step actions to help in creating standard and complex reports. Cognos report studio is widely used in creating report in large enterprises. It is very simple to use for any business analyst. Cognos report studio is mainly used for fully functional business report, which is more sophisticated.

Who can use Cognos Report Studio?

Cognos report studio in mostly used by the business analyst of a company. Apart from that, one can use this report studio, which has the knowledge of the business requirement. One can use Cognos report studio, which has experience in web browsing, web application, creating reports or which has knowledge in database and database modeling.

Features of Cognos Report Studio

  1. Graphics of Cognos report studio is very rich.
  2. It can access IBM WebSphere Business Glossary.
  3. Lineage information of data can be viewed.
  4. Report Studio can reuse the query.
  5. It has improved drill-down capabilities.
  6. New chart types, like Micro charts, Marimekko charts are introduced in Cognos Report Studio.
  7. It supports for multiple hierarchies of a single dimension data sources.

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