What’s new in Cognos Insight 10.3 Edition

Cognos Insight is an individual analytics result that allows the users to independently analyze, visualize, explore and share data without depending on IT for support. Within minutes, analysts and the business managers can create and share custom dashboards, applications and visualizations to help solve individual and workgroup challenges.

  • Cognos Insight offers an exceptional data interactivity, analysis, and visualization potential to individual desktop consumers.
  • Analyze, import and merge the data on your desktop, including personal files, past business intelligence, databases and more.
  • Assemble custom applications and dashboards with no scripting to see data in a way that makes sense to you and your business.
  • Optimize effect through what-if analysis anytime, even when you are not connected to a server.
  • Create undeniable visualizations to help you deliver insights in the most consequential and comprehensible way for your role or your organization.
  • Support collaboration and action at the group or project level to allocate applications separately or issue your effort to a Cognos server.
  • Select business analytics that produces with you, Cognos Insight comes in three versions to meet the requirements of individual users, workgroups, and midsize organizations, and also entire enterprises.

The latest version of Cognos Insight brings you:

Personal Edition: A free data visualization and analysis product for personal usage.

Standard Edition: Enables to share your insights and import the data from various sources.

Cognos Express or Cognos Enterprise: The right solution when you are ready to grow into the need of broader competencies such as managed forecasting and reporting.

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