Cognos Dashboard

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cognos dashboard

Introduction to Cognos Dashboard

A dashboard is a data visualization tool which displays the present status of metrics and the key performance indicators (KPIs). Dashboards combine and organize numbers, metrics and performance scorecards sometimes on a single screen independently. These dashboards are dynamic reports where all the charts/objects in the report are sorted when a user drills down on any separate chart/object in a report.

The important feature of this BI dashboard product involves a personalized interface and its capability to extract a real-time data from the various sources.

Oracle and Microsoft are amongst the dealers of BI dashboards. These dashboards can be created with the other business applications also like Excel. They are also named as enterprise dashboards.

Procedure for creating Dashboards in Cognos

  • The color format should be simple. Excel color scheme should be used to be visually pleasant.
  • Sparklines (microcharts) should be used for adding visual relevance to the lists and crosstabs.
  • Limited gauges should be used up to 4 or a few needles.
  • A report which refers the last modified date of the dashboards data should be created.
  • Event studio should be used to create Alerts which appear on the top left Corner as News items.
  • Event Studio should be used to send the emails regarding the significant alerts.
  • A scheduled job to operate all the reports for a dashboard should be created and name that job as a “trigger event”-like db refresh.
  • Dashboards are not fixed- they change and morph within starting 18 months.

IBM Cognos is useful for

Non-IT, business users represent the present BI content in a Dynamic and visually pleasing formats for presentations in a corporate companies.


  • User interfaces are Flash-based.
  • Creates dashboards using drag and drop technique on a go, allowing users to assemble independently and personalize their own dashboards.
  • Influences the present BI content (Report Studio and Metric studio Reports).
  • Can integrate the dashboards into the third-party portals.