C# .Net online training

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C# .NET course overview:

C# .NET online training is Microsoft’s new programming language for the .NET platform. It combines some of the best features of modern programming languages such as Java, C++ or Visual Basic.

Online C sharp training introduces an object-oriented language with single inheritance but multiple interfaces per class. It supports component-based programming by properties (smart fields), events and delegates (enhanced function pointers).

C# .Net Online Training-bigclasses

This course is a C# .NET tutorial for programmers who are already familiar with Java or similar languages. C# .NET online training starts out with basic C# .NET features such as types, expressions, statements and object-orientation and the training continues with more advanced features such as threads, attributes, namespaces and assemblies.

C# .NET training also provides a short glimpse into .NET’s base class library. C# .NET online training is fully¬†inter operable¬†with other .NET languages such as VB.NET, Eiffel.NET or Oberon.NET.aaaaa

About C#.NET Online Training @ BigClasses

BigClasses is one of the best online training organizations offer C#.NET training. We have qualified and experienced faculties who are responsible for taking the online sessions. We provide study materials and 24 hours support to our national and international learners as well. If you are interested in C#.NET online training, contact us for the detailed course and the free demo classes.

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