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  • Over 6+ years of extensive IT work experience in software analysis, design, development, coding, process control and windows applications.
  • Hands-on experience .Net 3.5/4.0, Web Applications, Window Forms, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, HTML,DHTML, XML, SSRS, CSS,SDLC using Waterfall, SCRUM and AGILE methodologies.
  • 5+ years of experience in Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Working as a team lead in a reputed MNC

Course Outlines

ASP .Net Course Curriculum

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  • ASP.Net Introduction
  • ASP.Net Programming Server Controls
  • Validation Controls
  • Data Binding
  • ASP.Net with ADO.Net
  • ASP.Net XML and Search Tools
  • Exceptional Handling, Managing State and Security Web Application
  • Session Tracking
  • Web Services

Course Info

Learn ASP Dot Net

ASP.NET Course is a Web application framework which is designed for development of web to produce dynamic Web pages and it is the successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.

ASP .NET online training teaches acute programmers to code ASP.NET language using any supported .NET language.

ASP.NET training aims for performance benefits over other script-based technologies (including classic ASP) by compiling the server-side code to one or other DLL files on the Web server ASP.NET training simplifies developers’ transition from Windows application development to Web development by offering the ability to build pages composed of controls similar to a Windows user interface.

ASP.NET encourages the programmer to develop applications using an event-driven GUI model, rather than in conventional Web-scripting environments like ASP and PHP.

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