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BigClasses’s Android Trainer: BigClasses is established especially to train the online learners. BigClasses is known for its quality in online Training. BigClasses attracted the global learners by providing quality training with dedication. The goal of each Android trainer @ BigClasses is to produce masters of Android technology. Our team of Android Training Course is much experienced in the Mobile industry. They spent more time on mobile platform.

  • Our team of Android Training is well equipped with all questionnaires on Android technology.
  • Our team of Android Training has spent much time on online Android Training and fully aware of the technology.
  • Our team of Android Training Course’s online teaching techniques are globally recognized and proven.
  • Our team of Android trainers has worked with well known organizations like Xerox, ESPN, Reliance, Action Engine, T-Mobile, Oracle and Blackberry.
  • At present many of our Android trainers are working with Android.
Our experienced tem of Android Training is keen to acquire and adopt developing techniques of the mobile Industry. They are very enthusiastic learners of the technology. It helps them to be the experts of the upcoming trends and technologies of Android.

Android Online Training

Course Content

COURSE NAME : Android Online Training COURSE DURATION : 40 HOURS Introduction:

  • Introduction to open source.
  • What is open source?
  • License Issues (MPL,GPL,LGPL,etc.)
Mobile Application Development overview:
  • Mobile Device Profiles
  • Mobile Software
  • Options for Development
Targeting Android-The Big picture:
  • Introducing Android
  • Stacking up Android
  • Booting Android Development
  • An Android Application
Development Environment:
  • Android SDK
  • Building an Android Application in Eclipse
  • The Android Emulator
User Interface:
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Creating the Activity
  • An Overview of User Interfaces
  • Using XML Layouts
  • Selection Widgets
  • Date and Time Tabs
  • Using Menus
  • Using Fonts
  • WebView and WebKit Browser
  • Dialog Boxes: Alert Dialog &Toast
  • Using Resources
Intents and Services:
  • Working with Intent Classes
  • Listening in with broadcast receivers
  • Building a Service
  • Performing Inter-Process Communication
Storing and Retrieving Data:
  • Using Preferences
  • Using the File System
  • Persisting data to a Database
  • Working with content Provider Classes
Networking and Web Services:
  • An Overview of Networking
  • Communications with Server Socket
  • Working with HTTP
  • Web Services
  • Telephony Background and Terms
  • Accessing Telephony Information
  • Interaction with the phone
  • Working with Messaging SMS
Graphics and Animations:
  • Drawing Graphics in Android
  • Animations
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Playing Audio
  • Playing Video and Capturing Media
Location Services:
  • Simulating your location within the emulator
  • Using Location Manager & Location Provider
  • Working with MAPS
Converting Places & Addresses with Geo Code

Android Online Training

Android online training course Overview:
Android, The biggest idea in new technology comes in the smallest handheld phone .One of the key factors for the development of Android is that, it is open-source: Any developer is free to code their own apps for the Android platform and go on to release them through the Android Market. When Google announced it was entering the mobile device market with Android, developers got excited. Now, the recent partnership between Google and T- Mobile has encouraged top-tier mobile device manufacturers to start developing devices for Android, setting the stage for Android to become a dominant mobile application platform. Based in Java, Android boasts an open architecture with an open source foundation that stands out from any other mobile development platform, with untapped potential for software development. “Android is significantly different from any other mobile development platform or Java-based environment.If you are a developer looking for the skills to use Android in mobile and embedded systems development, our Android Training course will provide you the necessary knowledge.

This Android Training course covers:

* What is Android Development?

* How does it compare to other mobile environments?

* How do you set up the Android SDK?

We will also discuss in the Android Training course, other advanced capabilities and APIs such as: background services, accelerometers, and graphics, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This Android Training course will give you a full overview of how to set up for Android development while providing an understanding of Android, its services and how it fits in the overall Linux run time.

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